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Omidyar Network India (ONI), in partnership with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), has undertaken a study to reimagine digital platforms for the public good, with the aim build a shared narrative around digital platforms and develop a holistic roadmap to foster their systematic adoption.

This study has especially benefited from collaboration with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India. It builds on the thinking presented in the public consultation whitepaper on ‘Strategy for National Open Digital Ecosystems (NODEs)’ published by MeitY in February 2020, to which ONI and BCG have contributed.

This website outlines the key findings of the study and introduces a new paradigm, i.e. ODEs, which recognizes the importance of a strong governance framework as well as the community of stakeholders that make them effective.



And 4 public consultation workshops/ roundtables conducted with participation of experts from central and state government, philanthropic foundations, non-profits, private enterprises, think tanks, academia, start-ups, and research institutions.



Benchmarked on their digital platform best practices and digital government strategies, including Australia, Estonia, India, Singapore, UK and the USA.